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Rose-Infused Facial Toner
Rose-Infused Facial Toner
Rose-Infused Facial Toner

Rose-Infused Facial Toner

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Our Rose-infused Toner is a refresher for your skin that helps to keep it feeling & looking clean.

This Toner is the last step in the cleansing process. It removes dirt & oil that didn’t completely wash away.

After using with a cotton round, a significant difference can be seen & felt  

Our skin-loving combination also helps to give the appearance of smaller pores & restore your skin’s PH balance.

This toner is gentle, witch hazel infused with rose buds, which lends a lovely, All Natural, blush pink coloring. 

Toning is the last step in ensuring that your skin is completely clean, and it does so in a very gentle way.


Apply a small amount of toner onto a cotton round.
You want the cotton round to be moist, not soaking wet.

Gently swipe the toner over your face, focusing on problem and/or oily areas. (avoid the eye area)

Tip: Wipe over neck too. You’d be surprised to see how much dirt & oil go unnoticed there.

NOTE:  It's recommended to not use more than 2-3 cotton rounds per session, as over-doing this step may lead to irritation & dry skin.


Rose Infused Distilled Witch Hazel (containing 14% Natural Grain Alcohol), {traces of} Rose buds. 



Due to the natural state of AJA Naturals products, your item(s) may soften or melt during transit in the summer heat. To recover original state, simply set product in a cool room or place in the fridge. Always store all natural/organic products in a cool, dry place. 



The clear, PET plastic (with recycling symbol 1) has been deemed safe for use with food, beverage & personal care products by U.S.D.A, Health Canada & the European Food Safety Authority. 

This bottle is: 
-BPA Free
-Phthalates Free
-Does Not contain endocrine disruptors

PET bottles are also highly recyclable & sustainable. They can easily be recycled into new beverage or personal care containers and even clothing. With about 1.5 billion pounds of used PET bottles recycled each year, PET is the most recycled plastic in the U.S.