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Sensitive/Normal Skin Care Kit

Sensitive/Normal Skin Care Kit

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* * P L E A S E     R E A D     C A R E F U L L Y * *

This listing is for PRE-ORDER. 

The sensitive-normal skincare kit has sold out ore than 3 times since its introduction in August 2018, and we want to keep up with the demand.

The soaps are currently aging to perfection & the organic lavender-infused toner is steeping.

While we wait, this kit is being Sold on pre-order basis.

The kits will be available March 25th.

Those who order now will have first dibs & their kits shipped on Monday, 3/25 with priority shipping.  


As featured in the Self Love Kit, This skincare collection has 4 products that help to keep your normal to Sensitive Skin clean, smooth & hydrated. 

It features:

-Brown Sugar face & body scrub made w/ cane sugar, oats (gluten-free) & jojoba oil. (4oz)

-Oat Couture soap made w/ Organic unrefined Shea butter. (4oz)

-Simply Smooth gentle facial moisturizer made w/ Organic jojoba oil & Organic sweet almond oil.(2 oz)

-Lavender infused witch hazel toner made with organic lavender flowers  (2 oz)

-Complementary cotton rounds to help you get started right away with your natural skincare routine. (Not pictured) 



*Facial kits for Dry Skin will be available in late March.