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Autumn Whisper Body Cream - Vegan, Almondie, All Natural
Autumn Whisper Body Cream - Vegan, Almondie, All Natural

Autumn Whisper Body Cream - Vegan, Almondie, All Natural

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Just in time for Fall, Autumn Whisper is a whipped, body creme that literally melts into your skin upon application. 

The non-greasy formula leaves you feeling hydrated with a delicate 'whisper' of Almond/Cinnamon fragrance- reminiscent of sweet, baked goods on a crisp fall day.

This moisturizing treat is the perfect gift for anyone experiencing the skin drying effects of the season, those seeking a natural fragrance that is not overpowering or for those who simply enjoy the slightly sweet scent of Almonds and the warm fragrance of Cinnamon. 

This creme makes a wonderful addition to fall themed baby showers, weddings & as house warming gifts!

Autumn Spice is best enjoyed when paired with Toasted Almond Soap, Almond foaming bath soak and Sugar & Spice Essential Oil Perfume. 

This listing is for one 8oz (P.E.T Bottle) of Autumn Whisper Body Creme.

*Note: Those who are allergic to nuts should avoid using this creme.

**Caution: These products contain pure cinnamon essential oil. Though added in minimal amounts, it can be irritating to some skin types. Please use discernment when purchasing. If you experience skin irritation after use, please discontinue. 


-Organic Shea Butter:  Aids in the skin’s natural collagen production and contains natural acids that nourish your skin. 

-Macadamia Nut Oil:  A beautifully exotic oil with a light, nutty scent -  Macadamia nut oil is non-greasy, easily absorbed and the higher quality oils leave a noticeably silky soft feel to the skin. It's the perfect moisturizer for dry skin that has difficulty holding moisture.

-Almond Essential Oil:  The scent of Almonds is known in aromatherapy for producing feelings of being loved & nurtured. The warm fragrance is calming and cozy, making it a perfect blending scent for the fall and winter months.


Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin (Coconut derived), ^Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, ^Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Vegetable based Emulsifier,Essential Oils, Paraben-Free Preservative

^ USDA Certified 



The clear, PET plastic (with recycling symbol 1) has been deemed safe for use with food, beverage & personal care products by U.S.D.A, Health Canada & the European Food Safety Authority. 

This bottle is: 
-BPA Free
-Phthalates Free
-Does Not contain endocrine disruptors

PET bottles are also highly recyclable & sustainable. They can easily be recycled into new beverage or personal care containers and even clothing. With about 1.5 billion pounds of used PET bottles recycled each year, PET is the most recycled plastic in the U.S.