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Hand Rolled Incense Cones
Hand Rolled Incense Cones
Hand Rolled Incense Cones
Hand Rolled Incense Cones

Hand Rolled Incense Cones

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If you’re going to burn something in order to enjoy its smell, then that scent should be created using all natural ingredients, not synthetic, man-made fragrances.

Your sense of smell assists you in reconnecting to your higher self.
Scent bridges the gap between memory & emotion; therefore, the aromas that we encounter help to shape our world.

AJA Naturals HOME Collection was created to aid you in coming back to the middle, and getting back to the basics of life.

Using traditional methods, we handcraft each incense cone with intention, using the finest, sustainably sourced resins, herbs and other raw, plant-based materials.

We Pride ourselves in keeping things simple with intention, just the way nature intended. 

This is way more than just about making your space smell amazing.
The intention is for you to create a ritual all your own.
To honor yourself, and your ancestors; to anchor memories that are told through generations, and to create an enjoyable space in which you can set your own intentions to be manifested. 

 Handcrafted. All Natural. Aromatic. 

Our incense cones are hand rolled using naturally, aromatic flowers, herbs & resins so you can enjoy them without worrying about inhaling toxic, synthetic materials. 

Providing a burn time of about 30 minutes each, the consistent, yet mellow scent helps you to create your own ritual, clear out negative energies, and are perfect for setting the mood while adding a little magic to your space. 

Each pack includes 9 cones, 1 heat resistant bowl, 1 packet of Sand (unless “incense only” is selected)

You may choose from several aroma profiles:

•Sugar + Spice: Notes of spicy clove & cinnamon with the sweet & creamy finish of Vanilla 

•Fresh + Clean: The herbal & fresh scent of Lavender, and Rosemary rounded out with a hint of citrus. 

•Bright + Fruity: Uplifting notes of Lemon Balm and Grapefruit with a mellow, woodsy finish. 


Note: These are handcrafted, solid incense cones, not hollow backflow cones.


Place the cone in a cone burner on a heat resistant surface.
Light the tip of the cone.
Blow the flame out when the end is glowing.

Storage Instructions:

Keep in Cool & Dry Place.


Keep out of reach of children.
Never leave burning incense unattended.
Please burn responsibly.
Use Incense at your own risk!


This product is not made to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease.
If adverse reactions occur, extinguish incense & allow fresh air to circulate. Discontinue use.