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Macchiato Soap
Macchiato Soap
Macchiato Soap

Macchiato Soap

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Coffee is one of the worlds most popular beverages.
With its nutty, lightly caramelized aroma, it’s unique flavor profile and it’s high caffeine content that’s diversely useful, there’s no wonder why we had to use it to create bath essentials.

Macchiato uses organic, fair trade cocoa butter to moisturize + nourish and organic coconut milk for added creaminess, to soothe irritated skin while caffeine keeps the skin smooth + tight. 

It boasts the subtle, all natural scent of Colombian Coffee swirled with coconut milk, a hint of raw cane sugar and a dash of cinnamon. 

We’ve created Macchiato to be a treat for all of your senses. 

Each bar is approximately 7.8 ounces
Bars are hand cut so weights may vary slightly. 

First, Exfoliate with Café Latte whipped sugar scrub, Rinse & suds up with Macchiato. Lightly towel dry, leaving skin damp, and massage on a generous amount of Café au lait whipped body butter.
Skin will feel supple, possess a natural, heavenly scent & with regular use will appear smoother & more youthful. 
In between uses, make certain that soap is kept in a dry, well ventilated environment to ensure that it lasts longer. 

Our 7+ ounce soaps are large bars, which makes them perfect for cutting in half. It’s like 2 bars of soap for the price of one! Put half aside to be used later, split the halves up between two bathrooms Or share half with a friend. 


Saponified Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Milk, Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil, Virgin Sweet Almond Oil, Cold Pressed, Verified ECOCERT Coffee Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Kaolin Clay, Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Mica. 


-Colombian Coffee:  Used as a mild exfoliant, Caffeine holds several properties that help to benefit skin, including being an antioxidant, Reduces wrinkles, brightens skin, and reduces Cellulite - to name a few. 

-Cocoa Butter:   Lends it's creamy, chocolaty fragrance to this soap as well as Vitamin E, which soothes and balances the skin while boosting collagen and lightly fading scars and stretch marks to promote youthful looking skin. This soap is great for soothing normal to dry skin types.

-Coconut milk: “A 2018 study found that coconut milk is packed with MCT (“medium-chain triglycerides”) that include acids like lauric acid, decanoic acid, caprylic acid, and caproic acid, which are what help to make it such an effective multi-purpose product. “These acids make up the MCTs that are known for anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes a great option for use in rinse-off cleansers, masks, or leave-on moisturizers helping to soothe and improve skin barrier,” -N. Hwang



As these bars are handcrafted, there will be slight differences in color & scent.
We strive to make each batch as consistent as possible. 

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Eyisha B.
United States United States

I absolutely love this bar of soap! It smells amazingly delicious, and leaves my skins feeling silky smooth. I highly recommend this soap as well as the entire collection. You will not be disappointed in your purchase.

Rason M.
United States

Excellent as always loved using all the products that I've purchased.