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One of the Sweetest & Healthiest Fruit Choices

As spring approaches we are starting to see a lot more fruit choices becoming available, though it has been my observation that most of these choices don’t look too appealing. However, there has been one type of fruit that not only smells delicious (as one walks past it in the aisles) but also proves itself by tasting delicious as well; it’s Citrus Fruit. Now at its peak, citrus fruits (namely Grapefruits, Oranges & Clementines) are the juiciest and sweetest fruits on the shelves at present (and carries a pretty low price tag considering).

Other than their desirable sweet taste, citrus fruits play a bigger role (especially during this ‘transitional’ time of year). First, the smell of citrus (particularly during drab times of the year) sends ‘feel good’ waves to our brain resulting in both physical and mental well being; the therapeutic reaction to the smell of citrus fruit is just as potent as treating yourself to an aromatherapy treatment with citrus essential oils. The fragrance has been proven to lift one’s mood, energize and relieve stress. If that’s not enough reason to up your daily intake here are a few more:

-        May prevent certain diseases (with regular consumption)
-        Great source of Vitamin C & Potassium
-        Protects eyesight & Aides in digestion
-        Prime source of Antioxidants 
         (known to fight harmful effects of free radicals & keep skin            youthful)
-        Good source of Dietary Fiber

For more information on these wonderful fruits and their positive impact on your health & overall well being, please check out these websites:


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