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Meet Aja


Hey there!
My name is Aja (pronounced 'Asia') & I'm the lady behind
AJA Naturals™.

A little about me:

I'm inspired by Nature.

I'm a natural mama of two handsome little guys, a hippie at heart & an advocate for healthy living. 

During the day, I wear multiple hats to care for my family; but the nights are reserved for my third baby...AJA Naturals™.


My Story: 

Over more than a decade ago, I become drawn to the ‘natural movement.’ At the age of 17, I was told that I had significantly sized cysts in both my breasts; thankfully they were not malignant and a routine surgery would relieve me of them. I was blessed enough to have a great surgeon, who happened to believe in healing-the Natural Way. She would later become the catalyst for what I call my “Natural State of Mind”. 

After this experience, I had an epiphany of sorts that motivated me to open my eyes and start looking at things with more detail; specifically my personal care products. Most people don’t think about the ingredients that are going into and on to their bodies. At that time, I didn’t know that certain ingredients within my deodorants and perfumes could have been the main culprits that were responsible for my cysts. Since then, I have dedicated myself to living a healthier lifestyle and being very selective about what goes into and onto my body.

​It is that amount of selectivity which gave birth to AJA Naturals™.

​It started out as organic skin care products specially made for me, then I extended it to friends and family who enjoyed the products as well.

I'm doing what I love, and that love is transferred to my products.

​Seeing someone truly benefit from the items I've created is an amazing feeling. It is fulfilling to know that my products are assisting others to create and maintain an even healthier lifestyle.