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  1. What's the best way to use your products?

    We recommend the AJA Naturals 4 step process:

    Exfoliate - to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, which will expose new skin that will be prepped to be cleansed.

    Cleanse - to gently wash away dirt & the remaining skin cells from exfoliating.
    Hydrate - skin is now soft, clean & ready to truly absorb the maximum amount of moisture.

    Scent - by applying our essential oil perfumes/colognes you are layering the fragrance from the other steps & therefore allowing the  all natural fragrance to linger longer. 


  1. Are your products safe for children?

    Yes, our products are very safe for children . 

Our products do not contain: Soy, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, detergents, artificial fragrances or dyes, synthetic chemicals or palm oil (unless where otherwise stated). 

However, although natural, many essential oils should not be used for babies, pregnant and/or lactating women. 

It is our belief that no fragrances (natural or synthetic) should be applied to the skin of infants (0-12 months old) or toddlers (12-24 months old), as their skin is so soft and too delicate to be treated with such ingredients.

Therefore, when choosing products for young children, we strongly recommend opting for ones created without essential oils (i.e.: Baby Love Soap and Tender Touch Body Oil) or products with baby friendly essential oils (i.e.: chamomile, lavender and vanilla). 

NOTE:  If you do chose to use other essential oils on young children's skin, please always do an allergy/patch test.
Though our products are all natural, everyone's skin is different and must be treated as such. 

  1. How should I store my soap?

    We recommend storing soaps in a well drained soap dish, Soaps that are allowed to dry between showers last longer. If kept dry between use, our soaps usually last up to 4 weeks.
  2. What are the shelf-life of your products?

    Our products are all natural & minimally preserved (when necessary).  If used properly (i.e.: only using clean, dry hands to scoop body butter & allowing soaps to dry between uses) Soaps last up to a year. Body scrubs up to 6 months. Body lotion up to 4 months. Body butters/oils up to 6 months. Essential Oil Perfume up to a year. 
  3. Do you test on animals?

    Never! We love & respect our furry friends. Our all natural, skin loving products are only tested on consenting friends & family members. 
  4. Are your products certified organic?

    Not officially. To truly become Certified Organic is a costly & lengthy process.
    Until we are able to take that step, we take pride in making our handmade creations with Certified Organic raw materials. 
    We trust that organic is the best way. As we continue to grow, we aspire to use more certified organic ingredients. 
  5. How long have you been making soap?

    Since Spring 2010, but we didn't get serious about selling until Spring 2012.

  6. I live in France and would like to make a purchase, but the shopping cart won't accept my order.
    Do you ship internationally?

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Yes! We do offer international shipping. This site accepts international purchases from the UK & Canada. For purchases made from other countries, please place your order via our Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/AJANaturals
    If the products that you'd like to order are not available on our Etsy site, please contact us: info@ajanaturals.com
    and we will gladly walk you through placing your order. 

  7. I received my tracking information & it displays that the package has been delivered, yet I do Not have my package. 
    What should I do?

    Once we ship your product (usually via USPS, unless otherwise discussed) and the Postal Service takes over,  the safety & delivery of the package is out of our hands. It has been noted on many occasions that if the tracking info states the package was delivered, then it's best to contact your local postal office with your tracking information, as they most likely have your package being held there. Once this action is taken, if it does not produce your package then please contact us at: info@ajanaturals.com and we will do everything in our power to assist in rectifying the matter. 

  8. I've attempted to make a purchase on your website several times today, yet none of the charges have gone through. The system is giving me some sort of error that can not be correct. I'd like to place my order, please help!

    We sincerely apologize that you have not been able to successfully place your order. Our shopping cart has a very high fraud defense system and if any information (i.e.: billing address, full name) is off then it will result in a canceled charge and the order will not go through. If you feel that all entered information is correct, please contact us at: info@ajanaturals.com
    We will then create a custom listing just for you at our Etsy shop, where you will be able to purchase your products easily & safely. We have found that credit cards that have been declined by the shopping cart on our webpage, have been accepted at our etsy shop:  com/shop/ajanaturals 

  9. I placed my order on Friday afternoon, it is now Tuesday and I have not received any tracking information for my order. Where is it?

    Depending on what you purchased, it takes from 1-4 business days to fulfill an order. Since we only ship on business days & your order is rather large, it will not ship until Wednesday. If at anytime your order will be shipped later than our 1-4 day policy, we will notify you via e-mail.
  10. There is a disclaimer on the back of the sweetiepie sugar scrub stating that the scrub will make the bathtub slippery and to use caution. It doesn't seem to make my skin feel oily so why does it make the bathtub so slippery in the first place?

    SweetiePie Sugar scrub is created with natural oils (Sweet Almond Oil and  Organic Jojoba Oil). These oils, like most oils, will make a surface very slippery and caution should be taken when using this product.Also, it is recommended that the shower (and any other surface which comes into contact with the oils) be cleaned so as to remove any oily residue and to prevent anyone from slipping. 

    The reason why these oils do not make your skin feel very oilly is because Jojoba oil is known to be one of the oils closest to resembling the natural oils (sebum) produced by your skin. Therefore, while the sugar is buffing away the top layer of dead skin cells, the oils are working to nourish the new skin that is being revealed. Once the scrub is  rinsed away, your skin is left feeling soft and well hydrated. It is recommended that a body scrub be used a maximum of  2-3 times per month to maintain soft and healthy looking skin.

  11. I have the Sensual Chocolate body cream, and it smells divine! I want to rub it all over but thought twice about putting it on my face although my skin is very dry. Should these creams be applied to the face? Thanks!

    Sensual Chocolate is a great choice, we're happy that you're enjoying it! Although we have received positive feedback about folks using SheaCoCo Love on their face; we still feel that these creams are too heavy to be applied to one's face. Our Body Creams are safe to hydrate any part of your skin, but we find them better suited for the body. However, if you do choose to use an AJA Naturals Body Cream for your face, (as with most beauty products), please avoid the eye area especially since Sensual Chocolate and Citrus Radiance both consist of high quality essential oils.

  12. Why did my AJA Naturals products come with popsicle sticks? They're cute, but not sure of their purpose.

    Great question! Popsicle sticks (or "beauty wands" as we fondly refer to them) will accompany all of your AJA Naturals purchases. The purpose of the beauty wand is to encourage a cleaner product. Fingers (which are usually dipped into beauty products) usually have some bacteria on them; when bacteria is introduced into a natural product that is minimally preserved that product is now compromised and the bacteria will continue to 'eat away' at the product until mold or a foul odor is detected rendering the product spoiled. For the longevity and the safety of your products, please use the beauty wands to dispense. 

    However, even though we provide the beauty wands, I must admit that when I am lotioning up after a nice, warm shower I am a 'finger user'; so, to ensure the integrity of the product, I make sure that my hands are freshly washed and dried, then I dip my fingers in. Whatever the object is, as long as it's clean then your products will be fine. 

  13. My sister uses SheaCoCo Love for her ridiculously curly hair, and everytime she uses it- it seems like her hair gets softer and easier to manage. I would like to use it as well but I know that Shea butter is derived from a nut, and unfortunately I am allergic to Nuts! It may sound like a silly question, but is it possible to use SheaCoCo Love even though I have this allergy?

    Thank you for your question, and please note that there is no such thing as a silly question. If it pops into your head, then it needs to be addressed. I enjoy providing clarity, as I am a big question asker myself.

    Shea butter is certainly a wonderful hairdress, and I use the SheaCoCo Love on my natural hair to keep it hydrated as well. 

    However, we do not recommend anyone with a nut allergy to use any AJA Naturals body creams. All of our body creams are created with butters and oils derived from tree nuts. Since you have this allergy, I would suggest possibly moisturizing your skin with pure Aloe Vera gel. Please consult a trusted Physician before using any product made with tree nuts.