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About Us

All AJA Naturals products are lovingly handmade by me. 

I believe that using the best of 'What Nature Provides' is essential in the creation of my all natural bath & body goodies. 

I'm as selective about the creation process as I am about the materials I use. It's important to preserve the integrity of the products from beginning to end, so that the final product is assured to be pure, fresh & skin loving. I take pride in this process and it shows. 

All products are made with natural, raw materials that are researched and purchased from trusted vendors. During the creation process, I gently heat butters and oils on a stove-top (Never in a microwave) to preserve the integrity of the skin loving vitamins and minerals. 

I continue the soap making process by hand.

Once cut, soaps are left to cure (or age) for a minimum of 4 weeks. During this time, the bars become harder (so that they don't melt away as easily once introduced to your shower or bath) and more mild ensuring a bubbly, moisturizing lather. 

Lastly, each soap is labeled and wrapped by hand and awaits to be shipped to your home where it may pamper your skin and soothe your senses.

As an AJA Naturals™ standard our products are always:
-Vegan (Unless otherwise noted)
-Cruelty-Free (We only test on friends & family-Never Animals) 
-Palm Oil Free 
-Soy Free 
-Paraben Free 
-Phthalate Free 
-Created in a smoke free & animal free environment